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Your trip details

Are you a resident of the UK?
You must have lived in the UK for at least 6 of the last 12 months. You must have a permanent UK address and be registered with a medical practitioner in the UK.

Are you a resident of the UK?

This policy is only available to UK residents (includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands)
Please be aware that we can no longer offer cover for residents of the Republic of Ireland.
Single or annual multi-trip?
Single trip: Cover for a single trip, for the exact number of days you need.
Annual multi-trip: Cover for multiple trips within a 365 day period. You can purchase your annual multi-trip policy up to 60 days in advance of your policy start date. The maximum length of days you can travel on any one trip can be up to 31 or 45 days.

What type of travel insurance do you need?

Single trip
Annual-multi trip
Single trip
A single trip policy could work out cheaper if you're only travelling once within the year and cover can be arranged for the exact number of days you require.

Please note the minimum trip length is 2 days.

When are you travelling?

Start date

Please enter the start date of your holiday.

Return date

Please enter the date you return from your holiday
Where are you travelling to?
Make sure you add every country you're visiting within your trip. If you cannot find your country, then check the spelling or try typing the first few letters. You can only add up to 9 countries.

Where are you travelling to?

Remember to check the policy documents for each product for full details of cover.
Click on the country that you're travelling to or search for your country within the search box below.

Medical warranty

Medical warranty
This is an important section about the medical health of you and any other travellers you want named on the policy.
You need to answer some medical questions to see if you need to declare any pre-existing medical conditions. If you are declaring on behalf of another person you must have their permission to do so, and be fully aware of their medical history

Is anyone to be insured on the policy travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner or travelling to get medical treatment or medical advice abroad?

Travelling against the advice
You must be confirmed as 'Fit to travel' when getting a quote. This can be verbally confirmed by your GP or medical practitioner. However, if you need to make a claim you may be asked to provide written confirmation from your GP or medical practitioner.
Please answer Yes or No to all questions

Has anyone to be insured on the policy received treatment or advice at an A&E Department on more than one occasion in the last 2 years for drug or alcohol related abuse?

Please answer Yes or No to all questions

Has anyone to be insured on the policy refused tests or medical investigation for any medical condition whether diagnosed or undiagnosed?

Please answer Yes or No to all questions
Waiting list cover
Being on a waiting list doesn't automatically exclude you from getting cover. If you select 'yes' to this you'll only be shown policies from providers who do offer waiting list cover or provide the option to upgrade the policy to include waiting list cover.

Is anyone to be insured on the policy currently undergoing tests or treatment for as yet undiagnosed conditions?

Please answer Yes or No to all questions
Terminal prognosis
Unfortunately we cannot offer a quotation for conditions where the terminal prognosis is less than 6 months after the date of return.

In the last 2 years, has anyone to be insured on this policy:
  • taken any prescribed medication, or
  • received medical treatment or advice at a hospital, clinic, GP surgery or via a remote consultation, or
  • have a condition for which you/they have been receiving Palliative Care?

Please answer Yes or No to all questions

Has anyone to be insured on this policy been put on a waiting list that could cause you to cancel or curtail your trip?

Please answer Yes or No to all questions

Have you or anyone else to be insured on the policy been advised of a terminal prognosis?

Please answer Yes or No to all questions

As you have declared a terminal prognosis, we would like to ask you a few further questions to ensure that your cover is suitable for your needs. Please call our dedicated line on 01708 339323 and quote your quote reference number:  35478844

Are you going on a Cruise?
Cruise cover

A trip on a passenger carrying liner, ship or river cruiser on a voyage, including accommodation for a minimum of two nights.

You need to select Yes to make sure you are covered if you are going on any cruises during the period of cover.
Please select whether you require cruise cover

Traveller details

Who would you like the insurance to cover?
This question is based on the people you want insured under this policy.
Couple: 2 people living at the same address for more than 6 months
Family: Up to 2 adults with at least one child (under the age of 18)
Group: Any number of people of any age and not necessarily related (extended family and friends etc)

Who would you like the insurance to cover?


[1] Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 500 reviews in the last 12 months as of December 2019.
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